LBGTQ Health & Human Service Referrals

The New York State Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health & Human Services Network (The Network) is a coalition founded in 1994 and administered by The Center, consisting of 72 LGBT-specific and LGBT-supportive nonprofit organizations that provide care to LGBT New Yorkers and our families. Below is a list of resources for LGBTQ people around New York State. Below is a list of resources and referrals we have compiled.

The Network is a program administered by The LGBT Community Center in NYC. For questions about The Network, please visit our website or email us at gro.retnecyag|krowten#gro.retnecyag|krowten.


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1. Ally Resources

2. Anti-Violence, Self Defense and Survivor Resources

3. Dis/ability Resources

4. Elder Resources

5. Employment Resources

6. Health Services (By Region)

7. HIV/AIDS Service Organizations

8. Housing and Shelter

9. Immigration and Services for Immigrants

10. Intersex/DSD Resources

11. Legal Services (Name Change/Other Legal Needs)

12. Mental Health Services (By Region)

13. Partnership, Parenting and Families (By Region)

14. Prison and Reentry Services

15. Religious Organizations/Communities (By Region)

16. Substance Use and Recovery Services

17. Transition Resources

18. Youth Resources

If you are interested in resources in another state, please see Lambda Legal's national list here.

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