Ally Resources

This list of online resources provides some guidelines for what it means to be an ally to transgender and gender nonconforming communities. Some are step-by-step action plans, while others are educational guides and resources. More Ally Resources can be found on our Education page.

TransWhat? A Guide Towards Allyship
TransWhat? is a user-friendly guide to understanding trans identities, addressing beginner-level questions. Explanations are targeted toward individuals towards those who have learned that someone close to them is TGNC and/or choosing to transition in some way.This guide towards allyship goes through beginner to the more complex steps to being an ally to transgender and gender non-conforming people.

Transgender Awareness Training and Advocacy: Action Steps for Being a Trans Ally
Transgender Awareness Training and Advocacy is an organization that provides trainings by Samuel Lurie, who speaks to students, universities, health providers, and other professionals about meeting the specific needs of trans people in areas of healthcare. This PDF is a guide created by Lurie that includes action steps for becoming a better ally to trans communities.

UC Berkeley Gender Equity Resource Center: Allyship
The UC Berkeley Gender Equity Resource Center provides a number of ways to be an ally and challenge forces of a oppression such as homophobia, heterosexism, transphobia, and cisgenderism. The site provides suggestions for becoming a better ally, including models for ally behavior and an ally continuum.

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