Information Resources

Hudson's FTM Resource Guide: Binding
This guide runs through the process of binding, from before deciding to bind through various methods for binding. FTM Passing Tips, an online resource for transgender folks, provides tips for FTM's and "passing," including a section on binding.

Online Stores for Binders

FTM at Underworks
USA/Canada: (800) 242-4224
International: 011-305-668-5151
FTM at Underworks is an online store for binders for FTM individuals. The site also includes information on how to measure for a binder and how to wear a binder.

ManSculpture is a company that sells flattening undershirts for transmen and men with gynecomastia (breast tissue in males).

Morris Designs
"Fine Compression Wear," recommended by

Makes and sells clothes for tomboys, FTM's, and anyone else who wants to flatten their chest. Recommended by

Title Nine Sports
Recommended by as good source for binders, particularly the frog bra and tadpole bra.

Tranz-Forms is an online business that was created with the mission of expanding and developing available resources and products for transgender consumers. The website includes a great deal of information about measuring for and wearing binders, as well as a list of transgender resources.

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