General Surgery Information Resources

A Note: There are many different kinds of gender confirmation (or gender reassignment) surgeries that exist. These information resources are a jumping off point.

Medical treatment options for gender variant adults
The Gender Identity Research and Education Society has done a good job of providing a brief overview of many types of surgery options available to transgender and gender nonconforming people.

Trans Feminine Spectrum

Male to Female Confirmation
The Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery has a great overview of the many kinds of surgeries that trans* feminine spectrum individuals may pursue.

A guide to lower surgery for trans women
This guide by the Gender Identity Research and Education Society provides an in depth look at lower surgery options for trans* women.

Vaginoplasty: Male-To-Female Sexual Reassignment Surgery
Information describing the medical updates about surgery for transgender women. *Site contains graphic imagery.

Trans Masculine Spectrum

Female to Male Confirmation
The Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery has a great overview of the many kinds of surgeries that trans* masculine spectrum individuals may pursue.

A guide to lower surgery for trans men
This guide by the Gender Identity Research and Education Society provides an in depth look at lower surgery options for trans* men.

New York City Surgery Resources


Paul Weiss, MD
New York: 1049 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2D
(212) 861-8000
Dr. Weiss specializes in facial surgery, including facelifts, endoscopic brow lifts, eyelid rejuvenation surgery, and rhinoplasty, as well as body sculpting/contouring that includes: liposuction and breast surgery (breast reduction, augmentation and reconstruction.) Through his involvement over many years as a plastic surgeon in a working group on gender issues, Dr. Weiss has developed an interest and expertise in plastic surgery related to the specific needs of transgender individuals.


CK Life
(347) 881-7005
Bronx: 1067 Ogden Avenue
Offers scholarships for gender-confirming surgeries, runs a transgender support group (RSVP required), and the CK Life Trans Clinic.

New York State Surgery Resources

Capital Region

Jeffrey Rockmore, M.D.
Albany: 1365 Washington Ave
(518) 438-0505
Albany plastic surgeon who performs facial rejuvenation, breast enhancement, body contouring, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Has been recommended for respect and proficiency in performing FTM reconstructive chest surgeries.

Central New York

Kevin Maguire, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Cooperstown: 1 Atwell Road (Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital)
(607) 547-3456
Dr. Maguire performs breast augmentation services, and has been recommended as a transgender friendly and knowledgeable service provider.

Western New York

Jeffrey Gusenoff, M.D (Plastic Surgeon)
Rochester: 601 Elmwood Ave.
(585) 275-1000
With special interests including post weight loss plastic surgery combined with lifestyle and nutritional counseling to maintain weight loss, Dr. Gusenoff also collaborates with Highland Hospital bariatric physicians to provide safe and effective surgical options that meet each patient's goals and expectations. Gusenoff has been recommended for his knowledge and positive attitude around transgender issues, his breast augmentation surgery and his respectful staff.

International/National Surgery Resources

GRS Montreal: Gender Reassignment Surgery
Website for Gender Reassignment Surgeries in Montreal, Canada. Includes detailed information about all gender confirmation and cosmetic procedures.

Satori World Medical Transgender Health Program
(866) 613-968
Satori World Medical puts patients in touch with International Centers of Excellence where high quality surgical procedures are performed in hospitals designed to cater to U.S. patients. By registering with or calling Satori World Medical, you are put in touch with a Gender Transition Advocate who will assist in finding the appropriate location, transportation, and lodging for receiving a gender transition surgery.
SRS Mentor provides a full range of services for women who are in their final phase of transition. The website provides educational resources and links to specific providers, information about surgery abroad (specifically Thailand), and tools for making SRS most cost-effective.

Transgender Health Program (Vancouver, British Columbia)
The Transgender Health Program was launched by Vancouver Coastal Health in June 2003 to bring together transgender people and loved ones, health care providers, health planners, and researchers to work on improving transgender health services in BC. Welcome to anyone who has a transgender health question or concern. Services are free, anonymous, and confidential. Includes information about Gender Reassignment Surgery in British Columbia.


Beverly Fischer, MD
Timonium, MD: 12205-12207 Tullamore Rd.
(410) 308-4700
FTM chest surgery (peri-areolar, double-incision, and lipo) and provides notarized letter
of sex change.

Melissa Johnson, MD
Pioneer Valley Plastic Surgery
Springfield, MA: 100 Wasson Avenue
(413) 731-7877
FTM top surgery; MTF breast augmentation

Christine N. McGinn, MD
Papillon Center
New Hope, PA: 18 Village Road, Suite 43
(215) 693-1199
Hormone therapy, facial feminization, all gender confirmation surgeries for FTMs and MTFs (bottom surgery included,) electrolysis, mental health therapy.

Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery
Bala Cynwyd, PA: 19 Montgomery Avenue
(610) 667-1888
Complete and comprehensive surgical facility for gender reassignment surgeries, both male-to-female and female-to-male. The Center offers a number of surgical procedures, including facial feminization, breast augmentation, thyroid cartilage reduction, etc.

T-Vox Wiki - Surgeons
T-Vox, an online resource bank, maintains a list of surgeons who are known to work (supportively) with transgender people.

John M. Taylor, MD, FACS, FICS
Allure Plastic Surgery Center:
Long Branch, NJ: 48 Pavilion Ave
(732) 483-1800
Cosmetic facial work, MTF breast implants, FTM top surgery.

Trans Health Care
Trans Health Care is a worldwide surgeon directory that’s "built on the largest and most comprehensive database of surgeons performing gender reassignment surgery and related procedures."


Jim Collins Foundation
North Branford, CT: P.O. Box 1002
Offers scholarships for gender-confirming procedures. Individuals who are interested in receiving financial assistance for surgery may apply through the Foundation's yearly cycle.

General Surgery Resources

TransBucket is an on-going project dedicated to the collection of images of (and information about) trans*-related surgeries and healthcare. *This site requires registration and contains graphic imagery.

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