Vocal Coaching

Voice Information Resources

TGGuide (Online): Transgender Voice Training
This online guide is part of TGGuide.com, a website that aims to create an online community for trans* people around the world; this guide brings together advice from a number of YouTube videos and other experts for tips about female voice.

Vancouver Coastal Health: Transgender Health Program
Trans Care Gender Transition - Changing Speech: http://vch.eduhealth.ca/PDFs/GA/GA.100.C362.pdf
This pamphlet gives a great overview of how the voice works and how one might go about changing it for the purposes of gender transition.

New York City Vocal Coaching

Christie Block
Manhattan: 65 Broadway, Suite 901
(347) 677-3619
Transgender Voice Training and Speech Therapy for people of all genders. Provides low-cost workshops and individual sessions.

Norma Garbo
Manhattan: 830 Broadway
(212) 475-2233
Classes and DVD on voice feminizing as well as voice coaching. Rooted in performance techniques.

Rhonda K. Rulnik, MA, CCC-SLP
Voorhees, NJ: 15 Hopkins Street
(856) 309-7110
Adult and adolescent speech/voice therapy.

New York State Vocal Coaching

Capital District

Jack Pickering, PhD CCC-SLP
Albany: 1009 Madison Ave, Room 243
Contact: ude.esorts|jirekcip#ude.esorts|jirekcip or (518) 482-8856
The Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders of the College of Saint Rose in Albany, N.Y., offers a voice modification program for individuals in the transgender community, focusing on enhancing communication for male-to-female (MtF) trans folk. Female-to-male (FtM) trans folk are also welcome to take part in individual sessions in their clinical facility. The program includes weekly two-hour sessions that involve both group and individual intervention (presently Monday, 5:00-7:00pm). Jack Pickering, PhD, has been specifically recommended by Trans Pride at the Pride Center of the Capital Region.

Central New York

Ithaca: Voice and Communication Modification Program for People in the Transgender Community
Collaboration of the Sir Alexander Ewing-Ithaca College Speech Clinic, LGBT Office at Ithaca College, and Planned Parenthood
Contact the Ewing Clinic for more information
(607) 274-3714

Hudson Valley

Voice Care Center
Westchester Institute for Human Development
Valhalla, NY: Cedarwood Hall
(914) 493-7294
Voice assessment laboratory, as well as providing assessment and treatment of voice disorders for children and adults. Offers TGNC voice training.

Western New York

Karen L. Bunce (MS, CCC/SLP)
Williamsville: 115 Flint Road
(716) 632-5600
Transgender welcoming and knowledgeable voice therapist.

Amy R. Olsen (MS, CCC/SLP)
Williamsville: 115 Flint Road
(716) 632-5600
Transgender welcoming and knowledgeable voice therapist.

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